i go by the name Kickz, why? Bc i love sneakers!!

but some still call me Ace, as long as u keep it respectable then who cares, REAL RECOGNIZES REAL

i am a mother of two from Brockton, MA     “City Of Champions”, lived in brockton all my life.

i am Hispanic, i am a certified nurses assistant, i am a Personal care Attendant

a home health aide, and a Certified medical administrative assistant. i love to work and keep myself busy.

i have book smarts, street smart and i am well educated.

i am in the process of trying to get back into school for nursing.

i recently deleted two of my blogs and created this one, so i can show everyone where i am from, what we do out here.

Especially for our local artists, (sometimes i cant make it to shows) but i deff support them 100%, they are amazing at what

they do.

i will be posting music, videos, pictures etc for you to see . So you can be your own judge .

i love to listen to all types of music ( and only if you are good @ what you do) i will post it,

share it on here with my people, friends on facebook, other followers on twitter, etc ..

Even if it doesnt have to do with music and i like what you do, i will also reblog and #Support



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